The history of wall partition

The original period

After leaving in caves, people started to use natural resources to building houses. At first, people started collecting branches and nuts to build grass houses, and then they used mud bricks to build houses. However, the houses are not durable, and cannot guaranteed to shelter from winds and rains.

Ancient period

Human are more mature to use fire and tools, they used clay to burn bricks, and use cutting tool to do wood processing. It is the beginning for human to have real buildings which can shelter from winds and rains.


After the industrial revolution, there are mass production of steel, cement, and red bricks which provide more reliable construction. Due to the limit of construction techniques and the material properties, it is too restricted for the height and the spaces of the buildings.


Because population is increasing, the land is becoming more precious. There is a new issue for placing more spaces on the small plane. On the other hand, there are new demands as lighter and standardized, AH lightweight insulation blocks are the one of the best.

Mobile energy-saving houses

The light steel masonry can be assembled in 24 hours which uses AH blocks provides sound proofing, heat insulation and fire proof. Also, it is using simple light steel structure, the weight is 6 tons that can be moved or hung to anywhere you want to use.

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